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BlastCtrl is collaborating with founders to build and promote the best web3 products. We want to enable motivated individuals and teams to deliver premium solutions, establish the right contacts and get in front of their target audience.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the fields that crypto projects have to master, from project management and strategy planning to development and community building. We can add value from the first moment of an idea to the successful launch and can help in every step of the way, be it with our own expertise or by connecting to the right people from our network of investors and ecosystem veterans.


Blockchain consulting

From the business model to detailed tokenomics, recognizing problems and suggesting solutions. We design mechanisms to create and capture value.

Product strategy and design

Our team helped design dozens of successful blockchain products. We can help in every step of your journey, from the idea to the shipped product.


Technical mentorship

Receive active guidance from developers who understand the ecosystem practices and have helped build several solutions and products in the crypto space.


Marketing and creative

Elevate your brand, craft compelling narratives and stunning designs tailored to resonate with your target audience.


Community growth and socials

We know how to create active communities and how to get the most out of your socials.


Partnerships and fundraising

Get in touch with the right investors who provide strategic value and get connected with the right partners in the ecosystem.

We Worked With

Our Team

Ivor Ivosevic

Ivor "Voshy" Ivosevic

Solutions Architect

CEO. Never wrote a line of code but did everything else. Hated NFTs, now is the main degen.

Petar Podbreznicki

Petar "Prasko" Podbreznicki

Code Ape

Wrote SPL token distribution script and Solana NFT standard. A bit rusty, but still not touching rust.

Frane Jaksic

Frane "Venice" Jaksic

Community Captain

Has a way of making a community excited about the stupidest things. After building a community.

Tin Saric

Tin "Scharko" Saric

Shitposting Connoisseur

Who says shitposting on Twitter is not a viable career choice? Tin does. So he also does memes.


Daniel Moutouss


We still didn't find something Dani is bad at. We're going to continue trying. Will keep you posted.



Executive Assistant

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